Well Howdy-Doo...

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Well Howdy-Doo...

Post by Graf »

1) What aliases do you go by?

I tend to go by 3:

Graf (Lots of games)
Sneakytech (Only SWG)
Vallhallan (Champions Online)

2 )How old are you?

I am 18 years old.

3) How often are you online?

Around 6 hours a week right now. Although seeing as my theatrical shows are coming to an end soon, I will be on more often.

4) Where are you from?


5) Do you have an active email or instant messenger?

Yes. barrett.rayan@yahoo.com

6) How did you find out about us?

Through the EMU forums. Mostly because of Loftkilla, Nedak, and HoboWithABlaster.

7) Any questions or comments?

You all seem like a very mature group of players. I have talked with a few of your members before, and they are all really cool people.
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Re: Well Howdy-Doo...

Post by Ninja »

welcome :)
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Re: Well Howdy-Doo...

Post by Nedak »

Welcome bro!

Glad to have you a part of the community!
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Re: Well Howdy-Doo...

Post by Timbab »

Welcome dude.
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