Application Form #589

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Application Form #589

Post by Mujahed »

You MUST fill out this application to join the guild.
Ok, I will.
That's what this is.
1) What aliases do you go by?
Assad Abd-al Hadith, Mujahed, NoStopNoPleaseDontRapeMe!
2 )How old are you?
3) How often are you online?
4) Where are you from?
The desert outskirts of Damascus
5) Do you have an active email or instant messenger?
I do.
6) How did you find out about us?
Al Qaeda intelligence.
7) Any questions or comments?
Why did the camel cross the road?
As a member of They That Are you are able to:

Attend all guild events/activities.
If Allah wills it.
Post on certain sections of the forums.
I have already! Stop pushing me!
Have and maintain a rank within the guild.
Ok, I will take rank of general or homoerotic-infidels-slayer.


Make a new thread for this application.
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Re: Application Form #589

Post by Nedak »

Great app, saddy.

Luckily we should be around pretty heavily for the next few weeks due to vacations, etc.
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